Oia Village

Oia or Ano Meria, as the locals call the village of Oia, is a picturesque village at the northern part of the island. Its unique architecture, quaint churches, marble streets and the incredible views of the caldera create an exceptionally beautiful landscape and a magical atmosphere.

Oia reached the higher point of prosperity during the 18th century because of the trade of vinsanto and the famous wines of Santorini. The ships from Oia traded vinsanto as far as Russia. Taking a walk in Oia today you will see the unique mansions of the captains, and the cave houses with the fantastic views and the evocative atmosphere.

In Oia you can visit the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Ancient, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Instruments, walk to the quaint streets, go shopping at the beautiful little stores, and enjoy lunch, dinner, coffee or a drink in the restaurants and the cafes with the caldera views. Try the famous products of Santorini in delicious dishes at the restaurants of Oia. Take the steps leading to Ammoudi with the unique cinematic backdrop for fresh fish or swim in the crystal clear waters of Agios Nikolaos.